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The following customized Site Index represents the site pages that are available to you:

Information: A collection of Public information associated with IESRA

About IESRA: A little more information about who the Inland Empire Soccer Referees Association is and how to contact us.

Assignors: List the individuals performing the Assigning function by responsibility area

Calendar: Display the scheduled IESRA Events and Meetings

Client Agreement: The Terms and Conditions applicable to the IESRA and Client relationship

Directors: Display the current members of the IESRA Board of Directors

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions contains a series of Topics that are intended to provide information about how a Referee interacts with IESRA or

Client Agreement: Client Agreement

How to become a Soccer Referee: How to become a Soccer Referee

IEYSA Small Sided Program: IEYSA Small Sided Program

Lightning: Lightning

Other Sites: Other Sites

Inquiry: Search for and view all of the matches currently defined at IESRA

Locations: The geographic Locations used for scheduled Matches between Teams

Match Results: Permits you to see the recorded results associated with completed Matches

New Referee: Documentation and information of use to New Referees

How to become a Soccer Referee: How to become a Soccer Referee

How to find and report matches: How to find and report matches

Information for New Referees: Information for New Referees

Instructions to complete the USSF Grade 8 Referee: Instructions to complete the USSF Grade 8 Referee


Pay Policies: Pay Policies

Referee Uniforms: Referee Uniforms


Resources: A repository of links, documents, and files grouped into Categories for general membership use and reference

Search: Use Google to search through the pages in it's index from the public portion of

SiteIndex: Produces an outline list of all available pages/functions available to the User

Sportsmanship: A summary of accumulated Sportsmanship scores associated with various Levels of Play

Evaluation: Provide an Evaluation for a specific Referee on a specific Assignment

Logon: Identify yourself to IESRA