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Match Results

Default Criteria has been established!

The following Match Results match the criteria as of Monday, March 25th, 2019 at 1:01pm PDT. Please be aware that this list is subject to change at any time as a result of a RefereeTerm filing a Match Report.

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808343/24/2019WE SoccerPSPLGirlsU19PremierWashington East SC G01 v...6 - 1
808643/24/2019EW Surf SCPSPLGirlsU18PremierEW Surf SC G00 Royal vs ...2 - 2
809393/24/2019EW Surf SCPSPLBoysU13PremierEW Surf SC B06 Royal vs ...1 - 2
809013/24/2019WE SoccerPSPLGirlsU16PremierWashington East SC G03 R...0 - 1
809023/24/2019WE SoccerPSPLGirlsU17PremierWashington East SC G02 v...Caution7 - 0
809203/24/2019IEYSAPSPLGirlsU19PremierIEYSA G01 Storm FC Scott...1 - 6
809453/24/2019FC SpokanePSPLGirlsU13PremierFC Spokane G06 Vela vs C...2 - 3
809083/23/2019EW Surf SCPSPLgirlsU15PremierEW Surf SC G04 WNPL vs F...0 - 0
809093/23/2019EW Surf SCPSPLgirlsU16PremierEW Surf SC G03 WNPL vs F...4 - 0
810623/23/2019EW Surf SCPSPLGirlsU13PremierEW Surf SC G06 Royal vs ...5 - 1
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